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Red Sunset wordt 15m hoog en tot circa 12 m breed. De bast is opvallend grijs. De jonge twijgen hebben bruinrode kleur met in de lengte verlopende lenticellen. In maart verschijnen er lichtend rode bloemen aan de boom. Het tegenoverstaande, 3-5 lobbige, leerachtig blad is zomers glanzend groen Acer rubrum RED SUNSET ('Franksred') Middelgrote boom met gelijkmatig vertakte, piramidale tot eivormige kroon en goed doorgaande top. Dicht gesloten kroon. Hoogte 15 tot 18 m, breedte circa 12 m. Jonge twijgen zijn roodbruin en voorzien Lees mee Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' is een bladverliezende tuinplant. Deze Rode Esdoorn wordt uiteindelijk ongeveer 5 tot 10 meter hoog en staat bij voorkeur in de zon of halfschaduw. Bomen van Bol.com kunt u jaarrond planten. Dit kan omdat we al onze bomen in pot leveren

Red Sunset Red Maple (Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset') in Inver

Red Sunset Red Maple is recommended for the following landscape applications; Accent; Shade; Vertical Accent; Planting & Growing. Red Sunset Red Maple will grow to be about 50 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 40 feet. It has a high canopy with a typical clearance of 7 feet from the ground, and should not be planted underneath power lines Acer rubrum. 'Franksred'. Red Sunset is a red maple cultivar with superior fall color and good branch structure. Winter buds, clusters of small winter spring flowers, leaf stems, twigs, and winged summer fruits are all reddish colored. The glossy green leaves persist on the tree turning orange-red to brilliant red in the fall The Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' Tree more commonly known as the 'Franksred' Red Maple Tree is a medium-sized deciduous tree. This variety has dark green three-lobed leaves which turn an orange-red in the Autumn. Small flowers appear in the Spring shortly followed by winged fruits The sunset maple tree (Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' or Acer rubrum 'Franksred') is a cultivar of red maple prized for its rapid growth and dazzling fall foliage.Hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture. Red Sunset maples (Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset') are deciduous trees that grow 2 feet per year until they reach a height of 40 to 60 feet. They grow best in full sun, aren't particular about the type of soil in which they are placed and are hardy to USDA Zones 3 to 8. The Red Sunset maple tree grows exceptionally.

Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset'. Forms a broad columnar head tree of compact branches with large fresh green leaves. Noted for sensational autumn colour from a young age. Categories: Big Bugger, Bigger Bugger, Biggest Bugger, Deciduous, Shelter Tags: autumn colour, Deciduous, specimen tree The Red Sunset Red Maple is a large shade tree that will grow 45 feet tall, and even a few feet more. It has a spread of 30 to 40 feet, with a full, rounded crown. In summer the leaves are a very attractive glossy green, and this is an ideal specimen tree for a lawn, or for planting in prominent parts of your property De Acer rubrum Red Sunset is een prachtige Esdoorn. De boom heeft een regelmatig vertakte, dichte, piramidale kroonvorm. Daarnaast staat de boom bekend om zijn kleurenspectakel. Jonge bladeren zijn mooi purperrood. Deze verkleuren naar groen, maar de steel van het blad blijft rood. In de herfst verkleurt het blad naar intense herfsttinten, die lang aanhouden Acer 'NORWEGIAN SUNSET' (esdoorn 'NORWEGIAN SUNSET', synoniem Acer truncatum x platanoides 'Keithsform') werd geselecteerd door de Amerikaanse boomkweker Keith S. Warren en in 1989 op de markt gebracht door J. Frank Schmidt & Son Nursery in Oregon, Verenigde Staten.Ook cultivar 'NORWEGIAN SUNSET' is een kruising tussen Acer truncatum en Acer platanoides Acer rubrum, commonly called red maple, is a medium-sized, deciduous tree that is native to Eastern North America from Quebec to Minnesota south to Florida and eastern Texas. It typically grows 40-60' tall with a rounded to oval crown. It grows faster than Norway and sugar maples, but slower than silver maple

season. The seeds of 'Red Sunset' Red Maple are quite popular with squirrels and birds. GENERAL INFORMATION Scientific name: Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' Pronunciation: AY-ser ROO-brum Common name(s): 'Red Sunset' Red Maple Family: Aceraceae USDA hardiness zones: 4B through 8 (Fig. 2) Origin: native to North Americ Acer rubrum 'Franksred' Rode esdoorn 'Franksred' synoniem Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' Download PDF. Beplantingstypes. Boomtypen hoogstam bomen meerstammige bomen schaduwbomen. Vormbomen met stam piramide kegel meerstammig parasol lei leischerm. Toepassing. Locatie laan parkeerplaats park groenstrook grote tuin begraafplaats ecologische zone

® Maple Tree's good looks, it's primed for the best possible results in your own landscape because it's been well-maintained at the nursery, long before it arrives at your door. Extra work on our end means a low-maintenance, thriving tree for you. With California origins, it's made for Golden State living: The Red Sunset Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' bij Tuincentrum.nl: het tuincentrum dat thuisbezorgt Gratis bezorging vanaf 50,- Deskundig advies van specialisten Synoniemen Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' Middelgrote boom met gelijkmatig vertakte, piramidale tot eivormige kroon en goed doorgaande top. Dicht gesloten kroon. Hoogte 15 tot 18 m, breedte circa 12 m. Jonge twijgen zijn roodbruin en voorzien van lenticellen. Ook de bladsteel van het glanzende en heldergroene, tot 12 cm grote blad is rood The outstanding ornamental characteristic of 'Red Sunset' red maple is the brilliant orange to red fall color lasting several weeks. 'Red Sunset' red maple is often one of the first trees to color up in autumn, and it puts on one of the most brilliant displays of any tree. 'Red Sunset' will color-up before 'October Glory' Acer rubrum 'Franksred' (Acer Rubrum 'Red Sunset®') is commonly called Red Sunset® Red Maple and is a deciduous tree losing its leaves when the cold weather in late Fall finally sticks. As spring rolls around again you can find clusters of little red flowers marking the start of another growing season

Rode Esdoorn 'Red Sunset', Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' kopen

Tree Characteristics. Erect or Spreading with a Low Canopy. Rounded Shape. Has Deciduous foliage. Height: 45 - 50 feet. Width: 30 - 40 feet. Growth Rate: 24 to 36 Inches per Year. Longevity 50 to 150 years. Leaves Palmate, Green, Red or Orange, Deciduous. Flowers Showy. Red. Flowers in Spring. Has either male or female reproductive parts. Acer rubrum, the red maple, also known as swamp, water or soft maple, is one of the most common and widespread deciduous trees of eastern and central North America.The U.S. Forest service recognizes it as the most abundant native tree in eastern North America. The red maple ranges from southeastern Manitoba around the Lake of the Woods on the border with Ontario and Minnesota, east to. How to Prune a Red Sunset Tree. Red Sunset maple trees (Acer rubrum Red Sunset) and (Acer rubrum Franksred) look best when pruned with a central leader, with one straight main branch and a.

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